Book Fair Opens Friday!

Mrs. Nelsons book fair begins this Friday February 26, with the reads thin starting Monday February 29th. 

Spirit Days Monday, February 29 – Friday, March 1

To promote our Read-A-Thon we will be having Spirit Days, Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair and a Special Night Read-In Event with Papa John’s.

Monday, 2/29–“Decades” Day – Dress up in the style of a different decade.

Tuesday, 3/1 - Classroom Chosen Theme Day

Wednesday, 3/2 –“Star Wars” Day – Wear something Star Wars related.

“Powerful you have become, a reader I sense in you”-Yoda

• We will also be having a “Read-In” on Wednesday. Bring blankets and/or pillows and purchase a pizza to eat and read in the Student Union to get more pages read. We will have a Guest Reader at 5:30pm and a craft table where you can make a bookmark. Order Forms for PaPa John’s will go home on a separate paper.

Thursday, 3/3 –“Read My Shirt” Day – Wear a shirt that says something.

Friday, 3/4 –“Oh, the Places You’ll Go” Day – What would you like to be when you grow up? Show us by dressing up as your favorite profession.